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Affinity Agreement: BMW Lyndhurst brings great value to CGF members (2013-08-13)

Article by CGF Research Institute

In 2004, CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (CGF) opened its doors to assist boards of directors and their executive management to understand the broad impacts of corporate governance, and the likely impacts they could expect if they failed to embrace its various disciplines.

Aon’s product range available to CGF’s valued members (2013-08-12)

Across our product range, CGF’s members will have the benefit of a personalised service via a dedicated FAIS-compliant Account Manager who is skilled in personal insurance to give the right advice, with a passionate commitment to exceptional service.

Absenteeism: Eroding company profits (2013-07-29)

As the world economy struggles to regain its former pace and growth since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, companies and their leadership may have overlooked a growing area of risk which could be costing them dearly.

Is your organisation practising safe stress? (2013-07-24)

Once upon a time we created the factory, and in that factory we put some machines.

Executive coaching makes great 'corporate athletes' (2013-07-04)

Few people would dispute that South Africa is a nation of sports lovers.

Boardroom domination: Treating minority shareholders fairly (2013-06-25)

There are quite a number of corporate governance codes that document the manner in which organisations should govern their business; notably the King Report on Governance for South Africa 2009 (‘King III’) is one of the more recognised codes throughout the world.  

Increasing Regulation, Economic Volatility and Transparency Drive Demand for D & O Cover (2013-06-24)

Today’s business executives face a very different set of risks from that of their predecessors.

Social media: It’s more than you may think (2013-06-03)

Many technologists across the world were completely bewildered by the claim Gordon E. Moore made in 1965, when he boldly predicted the rate of change the world would undergo through the rapid development of technology.

Regulatory Assessments: Director & Prescribed Officers - Are you covered? (2013-05-27)

Over the last few months a number of companies have received record-breaking fines for poor governance practices.

Why Aon South Africa? (2013-05-22)

Note by CGF: CGF Research is delighted with the recent Affinity Application we entered into with Aon South Africa.